Andromeda Lyrics- Soulstice

Andromeda Lyrics- Soulstice

Andromeda Lyrics

You Are The Night
And I Am The Day
In The 17th Hour We Meet
Whenever I Descend In Sunset
There You Are Following
My Night So Sweet
With The Scent Of
Life You Fill Me
I Want To Return This Love
For Its Always Spring
When Youre Near
Bringing The Serenity
Of A Pure White Dove
Yes You Do With Your Love
I Am The Moon
You Are The Sun
When Daylight Breaks
Soon Darkness Will Come
It Is In This
Cycle We Become One
I Am You Are Me A Reflection
When Looking I See Myself
You Are The Night
And I Am The Day
Veil The Sky You Body
In A Blanket Of Deep Blue
So I Can Uncover
Undress And Complete You

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