A Girl Like Me Lyrics – Rihanna

A Girl Like Me Lyrics – Rihanna
Song:A Girl Like Me
Album:A Girl like Me
Genre:Contemporary R&B

A Girl Like Me Lyrics

Some girls play the game
They all walk and talk
And they dress the same
Nothin’ new to say new to say
Don’t they realize
That it’s so easy to see
Right though there disguise
Makes me wonder why
When the whole world’s turnin’ left
It’s when I’m goin’ right
I need someone to let me be
Just who I am inside

‘Cause a girl like me
Is just a little different from all the rest
And a girl like me
Never gonna settle for second-best
Could it be a boy like you
That would give me anything
If I asked him to
To take all my dreams
And then make ’em true
Show me all the reasons that you ought to be
With a girl like me a girl like me
Just like me

Got me trippin’
Thinkin’ of what could be
Between you and me
Still I need to know
Should I keep this feelin’
Or let it go

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